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McGettigan Financial Planning is an independently owned full-service Financial Planning company.

We aim to develop a healthier financial future for you, your business and your family by executing clear financial planning today.

Holistic Financial Planning is the ultimate aim of our work with you.

wealth for the future or trying to create a lasting legacy for your family, we can customize a financial plan tailored to your unique needs and which reflects your personal financial plans and goals.

The building blocks towards this are put in place using our knowledge and experience from years of financial planning experience.

  • Wealth Management
  • Protection
  • Pension Planning
  • Tax Efficiency
  • Cash Flow Modelling
  • Lifestyle Financial Planning

Our way of doing business is by building relationships with our clients over a period of time. Needs change as businesses and families develop.

We are here to ensure that your financial goals continue to be met.

Financial Planning based on long-term needs is the ultimate aim of our relationship with you.

Live Life today but work with us to Plan for tomorrow.


Personal Finance


We believe that value is provided by our experience and knowledge accumulated over ten years building financial plans for our clients.

Time is invested trying to understand what is important to you, what your concerns are and clarifying what the ultimate aim of your financial planning is.

The client is at the centre of our service offering. We work with you to help you make better decisions with your money.

We identify with four key blocks in building a better financial future for you.




It is important to protect your lifestyle for you and your family in the event of something unexpected. Protect your Life , protect your income and protect yourself against serious illness. This is the cornerstone of financial planning. Everything works out from this . With this block securely in place it is safe to pursue the other blocks of financial planning.

Savings and investments

You would like to ensure that your children maintain a lifestyle that they have become used to. Key drivers are provision for school fees, university , family holidays, deposits for houses and weddings. Clear saving and investment planning with these goals in mind is the second block of Lifestyle financial planning.

Retirement planning

The lifestyle that you have today , you would like to maintain this in retirement. To ensure against a drop off in income proper retirement planning starts early.

What age do you plan to retire ?

What costs will you have in retirement ?

Tax efficient methods to maintain your Lifestyle.

Cash Flow Planning

All the blocks that we have identified flow into Cash Flow planning.

We use Voyant software as highlighted in the video to build cash flow models for you.

This software clarifies the financial road that you are on and builds in different eventualities.

We tailor the plan to be consistent with your needs as your financial situation changes.

Certified Financial Planner

The Principal of McGettigan Financial Planning, Patrick McGettigan has recently attained the prestigious Certified Financial Planner qualification. This is recognised internationally as the highest level of education attainable within the Financial Planning Industry. This professional qualification holds all its members to the highest level of ethics and competency.

The Sign Of Good Advice - Certified Financial Planner


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