Step 1

  • Pay off all trivial debt
  • Take Control of your Expenses
  • Build an Emergency Fund (3-6 Months Income)
  • Insure Yourself against bad health surprises

Step 2

  • Pay yourself first
  • Invest regularly and more than you think
  • Invest Wisely (Global Equities)
  • Utilise Tax Breaks

Step 3

  • Update your Financial Plan Annually
  • Never react to the markets
  • Tune out the market noise
  • Know the financial Side Effects (Downward Volatility)

Step 4

  • Stick to the Plan

“All of us would be better investors if we just made fewer decisions”
. . . Daniel Kahneman
“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face “
. . . Mike Tyson

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