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Should I cash out of the markets now to stave off further equity losses?

Q: I’m 55 and I’ve had a significant portion of my pension savings invested in an equity portfolio for the last 15 years. This year, with volatility across the markets, my annual return has been negative. I had hoped to retire in ten years, so I am worried I will lose more of the savings….read more

I have always been careful with money but how do I protect myself now that I am feeling the pinch?

Financial Planning

Q I am working in the private sector on a modest salary but have always been careful with my money and able to manage quite well. However, I am starting to feel the pinch each month and can see my weekly shop going up all the time. Some experts are warning inflation could be more….read more

Question of Money – Gift Exemption

tax advice

“We have two children, aged seven and nine. We have never set up a bank account for them, but their grandad wants to use the small gift exemption to give them money tax-free. He is going to give each of them €3,000 this year and possibly over the next few years. We do not intend….read more

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